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Cool To Be A Fool
by Joe Nichols (Joe Nichols, Steve Dean, Wil Nance)

Here I sit a nobody with no one
Bein' me ain't really all that fun
Leavin' her wasn't very smart
Admittin' I was wrong shouldn't be so hard

If it was cool to be a fool
I'd be the hippest guy around
If a heartache made you famous
I'd be known from town to town
If tears were made of pennies
And a cold beer brought her back
My bank account and self esteem
Would both be in the black
If some Hollywood producer made a movie that was sad
About some guy who lost the best thing he ever had
Hey, I could be a star
If it was cool to be a fool

But we all know the way it really is
You don't get recognized for doin' things like this
You spend a lotta time feelin' sorry for yourself
It doesn't really mean that much to anybody else


Hey, I could be a star
If it was cool to be a fool

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