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She Only Smokes When She Drinks
by Joe Nichols (Connie Harrington, Tony Martin, Tim Nichols)

So you lit her cigarette
You're feelin' pretty good
You think you've got a shot
Most girls, you prob'ly would
Yeah, this is that kind of place
But she ain't that kind of girl
You're readin' it all wrong
Let me tell you about her

She only smokes when she drinks
She only drinks now and then
Now and then when she's tired
Of bein' let down by men
You can give her a light
But it's not what you think
Everybody knows she only drinks alone
And she only smokes when she drinks

Did you ask her to dance
Let me guess, she told you no
Got to take her some place quiet
And see how far that goes
Oh, don't take it all that hard
When she smiles and turns you down
For a complicated girl
She ain't that hard to figure out

© 2002 EMI April Music, Inc./Sony/ATV Songs LLC dba Tree Publishing Co./EMI Blackwood Music Inc./Ty Land Music - ASCAP/BMI


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