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Everything's A Thing
by Joe Nichols (Joe Nichols, Steve Dean, Wil Nance)

Well, I hit the snooze when the 'larm clock rings
Layin' there doin' that sleepy head thing
There's a bird out my window spreadin' his wings
Cheap chirp doin' that singin'
Thing I do when I first get up is that coffee thing in my favorite cup
Two gets me goin' got things to do
Let me tell you a thing or two

Everything's a thing if you know what I mean
You can't do nothin' 'cause there's no such thing
Some things are big, some things are small

Off to work in my old Mustang
Doin't that bumper to bumper thing
Up ahead a ring a ling ding ding
Some guy's doin' that cell phone
Thing is the light's turned green and he ain't doin' that drivin' thing
And the thing is about all this that talkin' thing and drivin' don't mix


If you think this song ain't worth hummin'
You got another thing comin'

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