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Joe's Place
by Joe Nichols (Mike Dekle, Bryon Hill)

There's a place called Joe's
Where some of us go
When the hard working day is through
Through the neon and smoke
We laugh and tell jokes
And throw down a cold one or two
There's a jukebox that's full of records
By Willie, Haggard and Jones
There's a picture of Elvis and ol' John Wayne
Hanging side by side on the wall

Down at Joe's place
It's still the old way
Pickled eggsin a jar
And a blue ribbon sign
Ol' boys and bankers
Sitting side by side
Down at Joe's Place
Down at Joe's Place

Along about midnight
A few hangers on
Are still hanging out at the bar
If the telephone rings
It's an understood thing
Joe don't know where they are
At a table in the corner
There's a young man and an empty chair
His head in his hands, tears in eyes
And a girlfriend's ring lying there

© 2000 Almo Music Corp./Square D. Music/WB Music Corp./Fool Hearted Melodies - ASCAP


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