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Man With A Memory (Lyrics)
by Joe Nichols (Charlie Black/Rory Michael Bourke)

1st Verse

Ol' Johnny's got a heart of gold
Ask anyone around here
But some nights his eyes are far away
And filled with tears
Sweet Mary Lou's just as good as they come
With a weakness for all the wrong men
From the look on her face tonight
She's been wrong again
Bartender's thinkin' to himself
As he rubs his towel around a glass


(Now there's a) (For the) (Thinkin' 'bout the) man with a mem'ry
(There's a)(And the) woman with a past
Lost souls on life's highway
Forever lookin' back
When you're livin' for the love
And the love doesn't last
You get a man with a mem'ry
A woman with a past

2nd Verse

Bartender turns the TV down
Cranks that ol' jukebox up
Carefully selects which buttons to push
For what each song does
C-23 after J-19, it's a tonic for a broken heart
A little Stardust in the mix
It's a fine, fine art
Dim the lights a notch or two
The next round is on the house

(Repeat Chorus)


Oh, we've all got somethin' we've got to get around
Now and then you get the chance to help the lost get found

Stackin' chairs and sweepin' up
He can't help a little smile

(Chorus Out)


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