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Honky Tonk Saturday Night

1.  Big Ole Brew
2.  Two Dollars in the Jukebox
3.  Whiskey, If You Were a Woman
4.  Something Average
5.  Honky Tonk Wine
6.  Leave the Past Behind
7.  Tequila Tells
8.  Bitter Inn
9.  Honky Tonk Saturday Night
10.  Beer Barrel Polka

Honky Tonk Saturday Night is a lively budget-line collection which nicely evokes the boozy spirit of its title -- tracks like Mel McDaniel's "Big Ol Brew," Highway 101's "Whiskey, If You Were a Woman" and Johnny Rodriguez' "The Bitter End" belong on any barroom jukebox that's worth a damn.
~ Hank Small, All Music Guide


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